Casual Long Sleeves Candy Color All-matched Slim Blazer-Tidebuy Reviews

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It has 4 color and here are two colors. Which one do you prefer?

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Good material. Looks very nice and professional. I like this colour and the style looks nice. Most importantly, it fits me, unlike the other items that I bought from here. I brought two of these, they good quality of their price and everything. i love them. Next time I’ll buy a smaller size, because I accidentally brought them a size big, but that’s my fault. I’ll be sure to shop from here again and cause I like the blazer so much i think i may even buy another later on. I love how you guys let us know how there order is going on along the way. I’m not sure i liked my purchase of this blazer because the fabric looks very cheap… i suppose that’s what you get for the price but all in all the size and colour is perfect. The delivery was quicker than expected. This long sleeves and comfortable style long sleeves blazer?give me a simple but professional look and I love wearing it in my daily routine. The blazer?gives me austerities feeling and makes me look calm and beautiful.

Graceful Rhinestones Fashion Women Evening Bag-Tidebuy Reviews

This is Graceful Rhinestones Fashion Women Evening Bag shared by tidebuy reviews. Do you love it? Let’s see the picture below:


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Beautiful! Definitely a great buy! She was very pleased-as was i. I love this handbag so much and it fits my red prom dress well. Fast shipping and great quality. Will come the next time.

What’s the shipping methods on Tidebuy?-Tidebuy Reviews

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There are two main shipping methods to choose from. Which is your preference
Expedited shipping

Usually take 2 – 5 days to all major destinations, the fastest shipping method worldwide so far. shipping costs differ from item to item, but all expedited shipping order will get a 50% discount on shipping costs.

Standard shipping

Usually take 4 – 8 days to all major destinations, and standard shipping costs less, but takes a bit longer than expedited shipping. Shipping costs differ from item to item, but for the free shipping items standard shipping orders will get a 100% discount on shipping costs. However, for the non-free shipping items, you only enjoy a 65% discount for it.

Note: The delivery time mentioned above does not include order processing time.

Chic Floral Print Sleeveless Skater Dress-Tidebuy Reviews

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This is Chic Floral Print Sleeveless Skater Dress, and it looks very beautiful, right? If you love this dress, you’d better go to Tidebuy website and choose the suitable size and order it right now. Because there’re so many girls love this one and there’re so many ordered waiting to be shipped.

Of course, if you want to see more new dresses, you can come to tidebuy reviews or come to our website. Thank you.

Half Sleeves Bowknot Lace Black Cocktail Dress-Tidebuy Reviews

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I’m so happy I found this dress, it’s classic but also makes an impact and as a bonus it’s super comfortable. The crepe fabric, cut and length of the dress is very flattering. I ordered both the pink and the black however the pink is a lot darker in reality and not exactly what I wanted so sadly its being returned. I’m 5’6″ and 58kg and the regular size 4 is absolutely perfect.I highly recommend giving this dress a go.

The lace short-length dress is perfect. The fabric is of high quality and the workmanship is amazing. Thank you Tidebuy for make such a beautiful homecoming dress for me!

The dress arrived very quickly and fit me perfectly!It’s a beautiful dress for all occasions.and the quality is fantastic. I recommend for anyone looking for a cheap dress that’s not cheap looking.

Illusion Back Short Sleeve Ball Gown Wedding Dress-Tidebuy Reviews

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Flash Sales
Had to wait but it was worth the while. I placed my orders for some designers clothing and got over 75 percent discount on all my purchases. I thought I was window shopping or at the least dreaming but when I came back to reality, I found out that everything was sure and real. All I had to do was get patient enough to wait for the 12 noon Eastern Time rendezvous to make my selections and then place all my orders.

Had to wait but it was worth the while-Tidebuy Reviews

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Flash Sales
Had to wait but it was worth the while. I placed my orders for some designers clothing and got over 75 percent discount on all my purchases. I thought I was window shopping or at the least dreaming but when I came back to reality, I found out that everything was sure and real. All I had to do was get patient enough to wait for the 12 noon Eastern Time rendezvous to make my selections and then place all my orders.

Fantastic Buys
In other to avoid excessive costs of product and delivery, I was told by the customer support that the more I buy, the less expensive each product will cost. I found out that the clothing company is flexible and that storage can be made less costly if their products are purchased in advance. Now Im contemplating on setting a flexible monthly budget before committing to my plan to purchase products for my holiday makers. I guess I will be able to put a smile on some faces once my products are purchased and shipped.

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I got a sweet note from my kid sister-Tidebuy Reviews

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Pleasant surprise!
I’m very happy with my first purchase on Tidebuy. The ordered items came right on time without a day of delay. I must also mention that the packaging was well executed: every single one of my dresses came in a zip locked package, finely organized. The dresses that I ordered, looked exactly as they were on the pictures which was a pleasant surprise as other online retailers often suffer from the burger ad syndrome: the item looks a lot better on the picture than it does in real life. However, not on Tidebuy! The quality was impeccable and there was no mistake in the sizes. At first I was a little skeptical because of some negative reviews that I have read, however my experience with Tidebuy proved them wrong and I will definitely be returning again.

Letter of Happiness
I got a sweet note from my kid sister tucked in at the door leading into my apartment say thanks Emmy, dont know what Ill do without you, see how this tank fits me like white on rice. Of course shes happy with the fact that I got her something new and casual for her welcome party. The product is simple and the design conveys her pursuit of being modest in her dress sense. The shopping mall rocks. Expecting their clearance sales and Ill be ready for more.

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I love Tidebuy!-Tidebuy Reviews

Wow, this red prom dress match is so beautiful, do you love this one? It’s made by tidebuy reviews and many fans love this match. You can see the details below.

Tidebuy Reviews

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Award of Excellence
Sleek dresses coupled with a courteous customer support service makes Tidebuy one of the best place to buy eye catchy products and brands with a price tag I consider fair enough for such quality items.
I ordered for a Mini skirt in the week of April and I got it delivered that same month, the skirt is very nice and cool; I love the color as it blends with my favorite plaid shirts.

I love Tidebuy!
With summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to shop for something new and exciting, and Tidebuy is definitely my #1 destination when it comes to finding fresh fashion. I really appreciate the fact that they support the work of aspiring designers, because they often provide plenty of new ideas for looks that will make sure you stand out in summer time! I have found articles on Tidebuy that I have never seen anywhere else, therefore I recommend everyone to do some digging through independent designers because you never know what gem you will find. Just make sure that you accurately list your dimensions to avoid mismatch in sizes, but Tidebuy always provides the article precisely in the size that you mention so there is nothing to worry about. Happy shopping! :)

Shining Zircon Inlaid Ring for Women-Tidebuy Reviews

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Top Rated
I work remotely and one of the frustrating challenge of this profession as a woman is finding time for Shopping. And I need to buy a Tote handbag, this led to a quest on Google where I found lots of stores but sadly most of them had few stains; Poor customer service or negative review from customers.
Lucky I found Tidebuy and I ran off to their website immediately; they listed up their products/brands in a well-organized Category-log making it very easy for one to search through their available stocks and place an order without the fear of experiencing Credit card scam as their e-banking system is well secured and wired.
I highly recommend to ladies who needs quality Handbags and clothing in general.