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great website

I haven’t had any bad experiences. I akways got my order, my order came just as it looked in the picture. Prices are great.

Didn’t know what to expect, but glad I went for it

I’m not a big online shopper, but for a holiday I didn’t have enough money to buy a very expensive dress to wear for one day, so I gave Tidebuy ago after seeing some youtubers review this site. To start off, the website was really easy to navigate, which was really useful because I needed to narrow down my search to a few things. There is also a HUGE selection of clothing to choose from, so you will most definitely find something you like. After looking through the pages for a little bit, I found a dress that was literally exactly what I wanted. It was a long sleeved, full length beige dress. The price was really a steal, too. I bought a few other things with the dress just to try the site out, like a jacket and a necklace. I paid for the expedited shipping because I needed my dress on time for the holiday, and it came in less than two weeks, which is really great considering their location compared to mine. The packaging was good, and I received all of my items that I ordered. The dress was BEAUTIFUL. I didn’t want to take it off. I was given soo so many compliments that day and everyone asked me where I got my dress from. However, of course the quality wasn’t perfect, but it was exactly what I needed. But no joke, someone asked me if I paid more than $300 for my dress because of how beautifully it fit and looked. The jacket… Oh man the jacket. The jacket’s quality was honestly much much much higher than I was expecting. It was super thick and really neatly trimmed and fit sooo well. The necklace too! I bought a similar necklace at the store for so much more and when I received my order I immediately returned my old one because the one from Tidebuy gave me a lot more for the price. Overall, I honestly, wholeheartedly believe you should give this site a try. Needless to say, you should definitely read other comments and reviews if there are any to check sizes and things like that. My dress didn’t come with any reviews, but I bought it anyway and was NOT disappointed.

Great experience with Tidebuy!

I honestly love shopping on Tidebuy because I can get stylish clothing that is good quality without breaking the bank! Lots of cute items on-line! Keep in mind their sizing is a bit small. I always order a size bigger for clothes and shoes. They even have wigs now, which is fun! Love the cute paris stylish watch I got from there. Ships quickly if you select expediting shipping!

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