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Hi, I know everyone loves to be more beautiful via fashionable dress, elegant making ups, high heels and so on. You know, Tidebuy can offer you all of these. But today, tidebuy reviews will tell you more.

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Flowers Decoration Red Nail Art Patch

Black Gold Pearl False Nails Patch

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I discovered Tidebuy recently and placed an order-Tidebuy Reviews

Hi, do you have a very reliable online shop to recommend to us? I鈥檇 firstly love to introduce Tidebuy to all. No matter what, let鈥檚 read some tidebuy reviews here.

having second thoughts now

Tempted to purchase but the reviews make me nervous. I’ve purchased items from China and thank goodness I assumed to order a larger size. I don’t understand any seller that does not truly cater to their customer base. If there are many US customers…the size should correspond. I don’t understand why that is a challenge. I order items from the UK…and I compare the UK to US sizes and they are effortlessly similar. With those prices…and returns will be on my dime…ummmm….idk….kinda scared now.

Great online store

I have been admiring my girlfriend鈥檚 wardrobe for some time now. I just found out that she has been getting a lot of her outfits from Tidebuy. I must say, I absolutely love their clothes. Their clothes are very stylish and trendy. I recently purchased the Fringed Mink Cashmere Poncho and I get tons of compliments every time I wear it. I鈥檓 hooked. Great online store!


Very happy customer!!!

I discovered Tidebuy recently and placed an order. It took a while to receive it since I am overseas, but I am delighted. Everything was packed impeccably so that the garments were kept folded in very good condition. Above all, I am very happy with the sizing, the quality of the garments and the diversity of collections and styles on offer, at affordable prices. I would highly recommend this site to anyone who likes to stand out and wear something different – so many chains in shopping malls offer such boring stuff these days…
One recommendation: do look closely at the measurements of the garments, to make sure you pick the right size!

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Color is a bit darker than picture which is not a problem-Tidebuy Reviews

Today, you鈥檒l read some tidebuy reviews and know some details on Tidebuy, such as products quality, customer service, shipping methods, return policy and so on.

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Very Good Experience

I ordered a maxi dress from Tidebuy recently and got my parcel today . I’m very happy with my purchase .I received it within 2 weeks. Dress is exactly as shown in picture and I got several compliments on wearing it . Thanks Tidebuy! I’ll keep shopping.

Another successful buy.

I bought another dress, this time from tidebuy . Best quality ! really like it ..Size perfect. You make me which i was rich so i could buy more dresses. I’ll probably buy all my dresses from this website ..

I am satisfied

Ordered 12/1/15 and received 12/11/15, NY.
Color is a bit darker than picture which is not a problem and size is true.聽(I checked the measurement on their site very thorough)
Very unique piece cannot find in USA.Quality is not disappointing.Good experience.The only drawback is that most of the sizes are for slim people.maybe XS and S in US size.I wanted to buy more but they are not US 8 or 10 in US size.

I am actually very happy with my order!

I read the reviews on here one day before receiving my order and was totally freaked out as I had ordered a S-sized dress and became pretty convinced I will never be able to wear it. The dress did arrive today and I am so happy, it fits me perfectly (I am on the skinny side a bit but I have ordered things from China before and they did not fit, whereas this is not the case) and the dress is as awesome as I expected. Yay yay yay!

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My order came on time-Tidebuy Reviews

Hi, do you love your dress bought online? I know some of you may be so satisfied with your dress but some of you maybe not. The most important thing is choosing a good shop, like tidebuy. First, let鈥檚 know some details from the following tidebuy reviews.


Pleased with my order

My order came on time. I was happy with the way it was shippeasd and packed. The quality of the material is not of poor quality. I was happy about that after reading some of the negative reviews. Still have another order waiting to be shipped out to me. I hope to be please with it as well.


I ordered a dress from Tidebuy last week and I had to expedite the shipping since I needed it in less than 6 days. My dress fit me perfectly and I was so happy with it! The material was incredible and the style was exactly the same as the picture on the website. I’m very impressed with the dress and happy that it made it to my place on time!

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