I got a sweet note from my kid sister-Tidebuy Reviews

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Pleasant surprise!
I’m very happy with my first purchase on Tidebuy. The ordered items came right on time without a day of delay. I must also mention that the packaging was well executed: every single one of my dresses came in a zip locked package, finely organized. The dresses that I ordered, looked exactly as they were on the pictures which was a pleasant surprise as other online retailers often suffer from the burger ad syndrome: the item looks a lot better on the picture than it does in real life. However, not on Tidebuy! The quality was impeccable and there was no mistake in the sizes. At first I was a little skeptical because of some negative reviews that I have read, however my experience with Tidebuy proved them wrong and I will definitely be returning again.

Letter of Happiness
I got a sweet note from my kid sister tucked in at the door leading into my apartment say thanks Emmy, dont know what Ill do without you, see how this tank fits me like white on rice. Of course shes happy with the fact that I got her something new and casual for her welcome party. The product is simple and the design conveys her pursuit of being modest in her dress sense. The shopping mall rocks. Expecting their clearance sales and Ill be ready for more.

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