Where Can I Get Coupon?-Tidebuy Reviews

Some customers always send emails to us on how to get a coupon from our website. Well, here tidebuy reviews would love to share the following 3 methods to get a coupon.

Let’s just read the following tidebuy reviews on it:

1. Upload the selfies wearing our products to website, and describe your feelings in words. Then, you can get $5 coupon, only if you send us E-mail to tidebuyshow@tidebuy.com.Include comments screenshots, order No., products ID

2. Share the PICS with our social networking sites (Facebook, Pinterest, *******, or Youtube), Then, There will be $10 coupon. Of course, send email with shared link to us please.

3. Rate our store here and send the screenshot to sns@tidebuy.com to get $10 coupon.

*we shall offer the coupon for you within 1-3 working days after verifying the validity of the link and comments. So please allow us for a moment.

Hi, now, do you know how to get a coupon on Tidebuy after reading the above tidebuy reviews?