Tidebuy Reviews-Prom Dress Reviews

Today, I’d love to share some tidebuy reviews on prom dress, hope you’ll enjoy. Just read them below.

“I ordered this dress for my daughter’s school dance. It fit exactly as expected, and looked beautiful. I love this dress. Will definitely be buying from this manufacturer again.  This dress is lovely! We sent in measurements and it is a perfect fit! Very highly quality material too. Thank you! Very good delivery great quality dress I love it”

“Amazing quality. Value for money and also seller so communicative, which is important. Would definitely buy again from this seller. I was very happy with the way the dress fit and my daughter was very excited to wear it to her prom dance. This dress looks amazing in person, I ordered a size 10 & it was a perfect fit for my size 6 in Regular clothing. Fits as it was custom made.Dress was beautiful, lovely colors. Worth the price for such good material. Seller reply fast and very friendly.”

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