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Beautiful Dresses – Tidebuy Reviews

Tidebuy  is an online fashion clothing store wholesaler based out of China, which claims to give its users high quality, trendy clothing at factory direct prices, regardless of where they live in the world.

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Beautiful Dresses

I’ve placed two orders with this site. The first order, (MM1509111216135114) I purchased two dresses; one of which was unavailable so the site refunded my money immediately and shipped the other dress. This refund is what prompted the second order (and not to mention all the gorgeous merchandise they have). Second order (MM1509250702072969) I purchased three dresses and a pair of lace boot cuffs. With the refund from my first order and the points (they give reward points for every order and product review on site that add up to money discounts – added bonus!) I had these dresses were discounted significantly (they’re already seriously affordable in the first place, but this made them dirt cheap and irresistible). Both orders I placed just over month ago (Sept. 11 & 25). I have yet to receive my first order but received one dress from my second order last Thursday (Oct. 15) and it was worth the wait (they come from China)!! The quality is great and EXACTLY as described and pictured. Super silky and fit perfect. ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE DRESS! I’m patiently awaiting the arrival of all my other orders and hope all the products are just as wonderful! I’ve contacted customer service a couple times and they always respond promptly and resolve any issues or questions I have. My best advice is to pay the extra dollar and change for tracking so you know where your items are (my mistake) and check the clothing measurements for each item; some are Asian sizes and not American. I gave 4 out of 5 because although I am extremely pleased with my products you do have to wait a very long time and if you don’t pay extra for tracking then the packages could get lost and you wouldn’t know (my mistake).

FOLLOW UP: I received the other two dresses from my second order last night and they are AMAZING! I can’t wait to wear them- exactly as described and fit perfect. I am very pleased and these dresses are worth the wait!!! I really hope my first order comes soon!

Perfect experience

I made two orders on (MA1509300253369101 – 09/30/2015 & MA1509271309175489 – 09/27/2015), and everything went very well (payment, short delay of shipping, short delay of delivery, responsive service, good quality of items).
I definitely recommend this site !
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Tidebuy is  the leading online wholesale supplier of goods such as Wedding Dresses Wedding Dresses, Women’s Clothing, Cosplay Costumes, Lingerie, Shoes, Wigs, Jewelry, Bags and Accessories, and much more.

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I love shopping on they have great clothing and makeup for such a low price and all their products are great quality 🙂 I am a #1 fan of tidebuy and will continue to shop on their website 🙂

I have ordered from tidebuy a few times now, and every order i have made has been a great success. there clothes and accessories range from so many different locations from around the world, which is great! because i’m from England, and i haven’t even seen half the designs in retail shops in the street let alone any other website that i have come across, so that’s why i’m a massive fan of Sammy Dress and why i will always look there first when needing to buy specific, unique clothing or accessories, I love the fact they have a 24 hour customer support to help with individual needs, i remember when i made my first purchase, i wasn’t too sure on what size i wanted as the items are from different countries. i received immediate support and within minutes i was given the correct size for my fitting as i’m from England, and now every time i purchase from the website, i know my exact size when ordering because of the support given to me and care. The amazing thing about tidebuy  also, is the fact that most of there items are so unique and high quality, yet they are cheap in price which if you ask me, is a WIN WIN! Also normally when ordering from other websites/companies before, they have never provided a deliver time period or a tracking number, but with Sammy Dress, i was provided with a tracking number for my items and a time range in which they will be delivered, i also like the fact you have a choice to choose your delivery type, whether you want it in a week or in a month, pricing can be different, but they stick to there word when they give the delivery time period, i’ve ordered twice and both times i paid for expedited delivery ( which takes 3-7 days ) and my items arrived in 3 days on both orders, now that is amazing despite the items coming from another country! So overall tidebuy is my favourite online website and i honestly cannot compare them to anyone else! LOVE THEM!

COMMANDE N°MM1510011534451808

Tout à fait satisfaite des services apportés par Tidebuy.
Les produits commandés et reçus correspondaient à mes attentes.
Pour une première commande, j’ai été satisfaite.

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