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I’ll Likely Be A Long-Term Customer-tidebuy reviews

HI, THERE! Today we will offer you some tidebuy reviews to make you know more details on Tidebuy. Hope they can help you solve your doubts on Tidebuy for others’ bad comments on tidebuy.

Love this site

I have ordered about 5 or 6 times from this website and I’ve never had a problem! they have super cute clothes and accessories for a cheap price. its almost to good to be true, but its definitely true. I would definitely recommend ordering from Tidebuy.

I love it

I ordered a light blue fringe bathing suit for a trip and I love it it fit well and was very cute and extremely cost efficient I’m waiting on more stuff from them now.

Pretty amazing!

When I first heard of Tidebuy, I was a bit skeptical after looking at the prices. I starting reading tidebuy reviews from other people and watched videos on YouTube, but I ultimately wanted to have my own experience. My first order had one item of each category (top, bottoms, sweater, bag, shoes, necklace). I read stories of the shipping taking over a month, so I was extremely surprised when my items delivered in about a week and a half. The quality of each item was spot on. People often complain about the shipping prices, but if you think about it.. you’re getting your money’s worth. Try going to the store at the mall and buying a FULL outfit with a three piece purse, jewelry and shoes included for under $100. Tidebuy has definitely won me over and I plan to continue doing business with them until I go broke haha I’ll look cute though! Their customer service is beyond great. Definitely recommend!

Will you want to shopping at tidebuy after reading the above? Come to tidebuy reviews to know more to help you make the decision.

Awesome Tidebuy Reviews For Plus Size Dresses

This is the first time I am doing my own Tidebuy Reviews. But I watched tons of Tidebuy Reviews on YouTube. The reason I got interested in Tidebuy Reviews is because I heard that is the only online store who sells plus size clothing at an affordable price. I am not fat, but I have a bigger waist than girls of my age, that is why most regular size clothes do not fit me. I need to buy from plus size stores. But plus size clothes normally cost much more than regular clothes in the local stores, I cannot simply afford to pay $80 for a summer dress. But I wanted to wear something other than just Jeggings and lose tops. So I decided to search online if there are some cheaper options available for plus size girls like me. A lot of searches got me to I had never heard about this website, so I wanted to know if I pay the money the dress will come to me or not. I saw a bunch of videos and even though they have different opinions about quality they all got what they ordered at the end, and that is what I needed to know. So without further delay lets start Tidebuy Reviews for the things I got there.


They have a section called plus size clothing for women and one needs only a minute to find that.  The first dress I saw was 80 percent off and in black. It was less than $20. But that dress was for party and I wanted day clothes, so I moved on to other dresses. I saw a polka dot dress in black and white and it was only $20.79. I loved some other designs and decided to order that polka dress and two other dresses. I needed 2 XL in size.

I saw that they also have boots and bag section and since I wanted to change my total look for a while I decided to give them a try.  I cannot believe that I found a stunning looking brown bootie only for $19.29. I have 3 dresses now, one shoe and I still have not spent 100 dollars. I loved most of their bags but decided to go for a brown cross body bag as it will match the boots perfectly. It was only $10.09.

I added everything to cart and ordered. The most nervous part was how the quality would be. First of all, they delivered me the dress on the day they promised and then all the things fitted me perfectly. The bag also looks exactly like the picture on the website. So I would say don’t go with negative Tidebuy Reviews and order from

Everything is so cheap there, and they deliver what they say, my Tidebuy Reviews is all positive and the website deserves that.


Fantastic Tidebuy-Tidebuy Reviews

HI, THERE! Today we will offer you 4 tidebuy reviews to make you know more details on Tidebuy. Hope they can help you solve your doubts on Tidebuy for others’ bad comments on tidebuy.

You can not only know how customers comment on tidebuy, but also know tidebuy tidebuy return policy here.

Best Costumer Support

“”””EXCELLENT SERVICE. On that web you’ll find modern slim clothes for the best prices, and if you have some problem you can contact with his friendly COSTUMER SUPPORT. They have several options, incluided getting your money back ¡¡¡¡¡””””””

Very Suprised

Tidebuy reached high exspectations , I am from South africa and was abit scepital of the delivery time however i recieved my order on time and was very pleased with the products received . The clothes were true to size and i will definatly be buying from them again and again . Tidebuy is a very trust worthy site and you receive what you order online .  Very pleased customer.


My first time buying online and my first choice was Tidebuy, great experience since the beginning. All my orders have been pretty well and the quality its great. My one and only choice, tidebuy. Loyal costumer.

Fantastic Tidebuy

My order 368922 to the 09/06/2015 . This site is just wonderful, we expect the worst to the price and location (for sending ) but my order arrived in just 2 weeks and items are perfect ! I’ll come back command with great pleasure and I recommend to the skeptics guys ! You will do good business provided they take into account the size chart (they do not lie on this, the service is very correct for all this )

After reading this passage about tidebuy reviews, I believe that you’ve solve your problems and have a thought on tidebuy by your own. So please feel free to tell us here. Thanks!

Returning customer, always fun new things!-Tidebuy Reviews

Recently, some customer comments on Tidebuy appeared in some platforms, some people said  that Tidebuy is so excellent for s many wonderful items; some other said it’s a scam.

Whatever, maybe it’s time to read some real tidebuy reviews by yourself.

Returning customer, always fun new things!

I’ve placed a few orders with Tidebuy now and overall am very pleased with what I’ve received. The shipping takes a while, but that should be expected as its coming from the other side of the world 😉 the clothing is good quality for the price and the staff is very responsive to questions. Download their app for extra savings. Will be ordering from again and I totally recommend them.


All the prices are cheap and the items are real as described. I really have a good experience shop here !

Amazing products at amazing prices

I purchased a few items off the website and was so pleased with the ease of transactions, payment and post. The items arrived safely and were as described. Highly recommend this site. Thanks tidebuy!

Love the prices

I have ordered twice from this company and will order again. It took about a month to in and customer service was quick to respond whenever I had a question. Good quality for the price.

Have you finished reading them all? How is your thinking on Tidebuy? If it is still no enough to know clearly about Tidebuy, to read more tidebuy customer reviews on our site.

Super paradise for my dress & shoes-Tidebuy Reviews

It is said that Tidebuy claims to be the leading  online wholesale supplier of goods such as Wedding Dresses Wedding Dresses, Women’s Clothing, Cosplay Costumes, Lingerie, Shoes, Wigs, Jewelry, Bags and Accessories, and much more.

Well, how does it work for our customers? Let’s check some tidebuy reviews to know the details.

Thanks a lot, Tidebuy!

I like this homepage. I ordered few products from
Quality in good and the products look just like in the pictures. Thanks a lot.


It was the first time I ordered something from tidebuy and I’m already preparing the next orders. I was very pleased with all the procedure from the beginning till the moment of delivery. . The packaging shipped out very quick and the material quality was also very good. For sure, it is recommended and tidebuy just got a new satisfied client.


I buy several time earrings from this site and i’m really happy 😀
The price is the lowest i’ve ever seen and the quality is at top. The items i buy arrives in time every time.

Best website ever!

I love using this website to buy my clothing, jewelry, and even household items. Everything is so cheap and great quality in tidebuy that it hurts me to buy stuff at stores! I just love this website I would buy everything if i could!
The only downside to this website is the shipping it takes forever!
If you still have something details to know another things, such as tidebuy return policy and so on, you could check tidebuy reviews to know more.

I love from my heart-Tidebuy Reviews

I found that there are some people made complaints on Tidebuy about their service or items on sitejabber. However, in terms of this, I have my own opinion from my real experience on Tidebuy.

You can read my tidebuy reviews to know the truth.

I love very much!

I found Tidebuy this summer on a facebook ad. I saw pretty clothes in the ad so I clicked the link. The prices were great for really nice clothes. I tried really small order just to see how the quality of the clothing turned out. I learned by reading the instructions that the size charts are the key to ordering. I got a measuring tape and I got my measurements and when I find a item I like I see what size matches my measurements.
I have gotten some extremely nice items and I’m getting compliments from friends and family members constantly. I was told by a co-worker the other day how my shirt was so pretty and that it was unique because no one else had a shirt just like it. I’ve gotten a few WOWs from guys who noticed some of the nice dresses I’ve gotten from Tidebuy.

I’m loving the site so far and I’m loving the clothes. The items are really nice quality and even with shipping they are worth it. You can sometimes find online coupons for free shipping, but if you do just know that it’s coming from China and will take a while. I normally use the expedited shipping with tracking and I get my packages normally within two to three weeks.

It’s worth the wait and the money. I use paypal to make my payments and it makes it so easy. The Customer Service has also been very nice. I didn’t know an item was on backorder and they made sure I knew when to expect the item to arrive or I could have a credit on my account if I didn’t want to wait.
This review was from the following orders and dates and I’ve gotten the items now.
MM1509121528002439 04/12/2015
MM1508112046173983 06/11/2015
Shipping does take a while, but I’ve gotten everything I ordered.
If you don’t use your measurement with a measuring tape the clothes won’t fit.
You can use USA sizes and assume they will fit. You must use your measurements.

This is my comments on Tidebuy. After reading it, how do you think about it? I will buy more dresses or shoes from Tidebuy, and also will reflect my real tidebuy reviews later on.

I saw it advertised on facebook-Tidebuy Reviews

Hello, Every Friend, do you know Some people said that Tidebuy is totally a scam? Do you also think so? No matter what, we can know the details from some customers’ tidebuy reviews. Read them the following:

Flash t-shirt

wow wow wow how amazing is this t-shirt. i saw it advertised on facebook and thought it cant be real at that price so ordered one and a spiderman t-shirt and yes it was real came within 3 weeks,and they look awesome. i have placed my next order and by the looks of things will be ordering for my 15 year old daughter all her Christmas present from them. awesome e-store thanks Tidebuy.

Good Product and Customer Service

After 3 orders, I would say the product is good. It is cheaper than other sites, but the product is still nice quality. The fit is a little small, so make sure you read the reviews and order the correct size. Customer service is good if you do have a problem. Pay for the extra shipping…it is worth it. Waited almost 60 days for one order to arrive…..with cheap shipping. So definitely pay the extra!

NOW, How do you think about Tidebuy? Do you also think it’s a scam like other people? If the above can still not prove something, you can find more strongly proof from Tidebuy Customer Reviews.

Absolutely satisfied with my order from tidebuy-Tidebuy Reviews

Hi, Friend, do you know It is said that Tidebuy is a super online shop for all kinds of fashion dresses, such as Wedding Dresses, Women’s Clothing, Shoes, Wigs, Jewelry and so on. It’s a place where you can get you want for one time.

Well, how about the reputation of Tidebuy? Let’s check some tidebuy reviews made from some customers here.

I love Tidebuy Dress!

I am absolutely satisfied with my order from tidebuy. Not only were the products made of high quality, but the prices were low, and I was able to track my package from the moment it was shipped out! I will definitely be ordering from Tidebuy again in the future!

Awesome place to buy my dress.

Awesome clothes. The prices are so reasonable and there is a lot to choose from. I have bought some shirts here last spring and they all were what they appeared to be online. I just bought more products this week and I got some of their jewelry as well this time.

A lot of previous purchasers review the clothes too and post pictures and give examples of their weight/cup size/etc and the size they got in the clothes. This truly helps to gage what size would be best for you to buy.

Will order from them again!

I ordered a dress fro tidebuy, and within 2 weeks it arrived in my mailbox. Prices were great, shipping fast, the website was easy to navigate and the quality was good. The dress fit beautifully. I will use Tidebuy again.

Of course there are so many tidebuy reviews for you reading, interested in more? So please pay close attention to our blogs, who will show more about tidebuy customers’ comments & complaints for you.

Super deals everywhere, great shop-tidebuy reviews

As you all know, Tidebuy is a super online shop for all kinds of fashion dresses, such as Wedding Dresses, Women’s Clothing, Shoes, Wigs, Jewelry and so on. It’s a place where you can get you want for one time.

NOW, with more and more people shopping at Tidebuy, some customers complaints or feedbacks on Tidebuy are taken on. Let ‘s read what customers made on tidebuy reviews.

Such super online shop to get all i need!

Here’s what I like:
– Huge selection of Women’s wear, searchable by sizes. Measurements appear to be accurate, so I feel confident everything won’t be too small.
– Opportunity to review and read other’s reviews
– Fast shipping compared to other sites in China (sorry China, you’re pretty slow for the most part)
– AMAZING prices, so amazing I want to hide this site from my family as I will be getting all of their Christmas presents there.
– If your order is missing a few items, don’t panic. They typically send them in a separate package or offer a store credit if they are sold out.
– Quality is always surprisingly great (considering the super prices)
So, take the plunge, you will likely be a avid Tidebuy fan soon!

So satisfied with it! !

Is amazing, excellent customer service incredible products good fabrics best details, I’m very happy fast delivery products exactly as in the pics, I’m very satisfied I have no time to go shopping I’m grateful to found Tidebuy Dress 🙂

Really a good place to read tidebuy reviews, right? If you want to read more, please pay close attention to this platform, you can get more here.

Addicted to shopping at tidebuy!-Tidebuy Reviews

What an exciting thing to be addicted to shopping at an online shop-Tidebuy. Especially on such an attractive online store, who is the leading online wholesale supplier of the best goods such as Wedding Dresses, Women’s Clothing, Cosplay Costumes, Lingerie, Shoes, Wigs, Jewelry, Bags and Accessories, and much more.

Here are some tidebuy reviews from some old customers who have more than once shoppping experience here. Hope you will enjoy.

What an exciting thing to shop at Tidebuy!

I started shopping at tidebuy a few months ago and I’m addicted. Clothes are so fashion and cheap, the fabrics are really good and it arrives real soon. When a product goes out of stock they refund you. They answer to all your questions daily and you can even get great discounts and S points. It is absolutelly the best website to shop. Really trust worthy.

Very happy to get my beloved!

I ordered the bleach wash leggings for women and I loved them! For size reference I am 5’1 and 170 pounds! I was concerned that the shipping may take a long time but I got my packages in just a weeks time!! I will order again and already have some shirts picked out!!! I would recommend this site to my friends and family and I in fact already have!

Cliente Muito Satisfeito

Estou muito satisfeito com a Tidebuy Fiz o pedido, eu fui respondido todas as vezes que tive duvidas, o produto chegou rápido e garanto-lhes os produtos são de qualidade!

After reading these tidebuy reviews, how do you think about Tidebuy? Do you also buy something from here. We are looking forward to serve to you.