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I’ll Likely Be A Long-Term Customer-Tidebuy Reviews

Tidebuy聽is an online fashion clothing store which claims to give its users quality, trendy clothing at factory direct prices, regardless of where they live in the world.

So what did you want to shop? Today we bring you some tidebuy reviews and complaints from tidebuy customers, hope these could be helpful for you.

I’ll Likely Be A Long-Term Customer

Like so many others, I was really skeptical about Tidebuy. The prices seemed too good to be true, so I anticipated the quality being really low, or the items never arriving. However, neither of those things happened.

I placed my first order and was surprised at how quickly my items arrived (within three weeks – including delays through Australian Customs) and I was even more surprised by the quality of the fabric in the dresses I chose. My only gripe is that they do run on the smaller side (despite my being very careful to read the size guides) but they do fit and I have been careful to order the next size up for comfort’s sake in my subsequent orders.

I’ve not had many reasons to contact their customer service, but when I have they have been very friendly and eager to help with my queries. I’ve not had any reason to return anything as yet, so I don’t know how that would work if I did.

If you review their products on their website, you earn bonus points which equate to discounts off your future purchases – a feature I’ve taken advantage of with every order I’ve made since my first one. Every few extra dollars off makes it seem like an even bigger bargain!

I’ve just ordered a gorgeous pair of shoes and can’t wait for them to arrive. I suspect that I’ll be spending a fair amount of money with this company for years to come.

Will you want to shopping at tidebuy after reading the above? Come to tidebuy reviews to know more to help you make the decision.

Ideal Summer Dresses for Your Body Type- Read Tidebuy reviews to get to know more

Summer is a great season, and you should look your best. If you are planning to buy a summer dress from Tidebuy store that is one of the leading online stores to provide all women accessories and you are not sure of the best to go, here is a guide:


If you have an athletic figure, it means that you have a less well-defined shoulders and wider waist circumference. You need to show your slender neck and collarbone by using a strapless dress. You should also wear a dress that is un-covered from the shoulder. Read Tidebuy reviews of summer dresses to gain more knowledge about this type of dresses.

To look perfect, you should wear a dress that is bent at the waist. If you cannot find, you should be wearing a harness. If you have good-looking legs to show no fear, there are also short dresses in Tidebuy store.

tidebuy reviews of maxi dresses


If you have long beautiful legs, you need to display them. The best way to show them is a use of a beautiful knee or mid-calf dress. To avoid appearing too long dress, you should use a belt to break the dress and wear to maintain a balance in your upper and lower body. Tidebuy reviews can help you a lot in this regards.

Full Figure

There is nothing so great to have a beautiful face. 聽To create an hourglass look, you should have a dress with tight waist. To create a sexy cleavage, be sure to wear a dress with a V-neck to emphasize the bust. You can also display your collarbones wearing a dress with a neck Off-the-shoulder.


There is no reason why you should look your best, even if you are short. You should improve your looks by wearing a dress that is going to extend to or above the knee. You should also wear high heels.

tidebuy reviews for summer dresses

Be sure a dress to avoid the same pattern dress.

Petty cash

If you don鈥檛 have heavy breasts, you can even look beautiful. To get a good look, it is advisable that you go for a dress that has a ruffled neckline. As a basic rule, you should have a dress to avoid a form which has compressed the upper body. This requires avoiding a dress with high collar. It is advisable to read Tidebuy reviews for better guideline in this regards.


These are some of the clothes that you can wear in the summer. As a general rule, you should ensure that you are buying clothes from high quality store and Tidebuy can be the best choice.

Enjoy your summer with us- Tidebuy reviews

Every summer, there comes a time that is ideal to go just too far (with the exception of the Arctic Air Conditioning Office). The idea to far from your hectic routine life or to get an escape from daily life is not new. People from past also enjoyed different occasions to brought harmony in their lives. 聽When it comes to go far away for enjoyment, a presence of women is necessary. This is because all colors of the world are due to women.

The very first thing with the appearance of women in any party is a dress that becomes a topic of discussion, normally.

Women usually have a huge choice of dresses in summer for their summer parties. There are numerous online stores that are providing them chance to choice best according to their party demands. Among them, Tidebuy is one such store. The store has a huge variety of dresses especially for summer. You can judge the quality of dresses by reading Tidebuy Reviews.

tidebuy reviews

“I was shopping from Tidebuy last year, through a bag of things; I saw a suit of an old Kalamkari. It was especially perfect for the month of August, when we were in Tangier. I am able to bring it in the Casbah. I could put it on a wet swimsuit. I could wear it to cocktails. It was one of my best shopping from Tidebuy and Tidebuy reviews helped me a lot in that shopping.

Tidebuy is a store, where you can easily buy dresses from big events like wedding to casual parties. I personally feel that I can manage my budget easily because the prices are very reasonable. One of my friends Bella had a recent shopping experience from Tidebuy. She was reluctant to shop online, but when she read Tidebuy reviews, she made her mind and bought a swimsuit for her. She is now very happy and contented because the quality of that swimsuit is perfect. As she said,

鈥淓verybody feel hesitation in online shopping at first, because it is not a very common thing in our society, but after one experience he/she can comment on it. These comments can be good or bad, depends on the experience. I am happy and thankful to my friend, who told me about a wonderful online site (Tidebuy), and my first experience encourages me to buy more and more.

Why don鈥檛 you buy things online for your summer parties? I am sure, you will enjoy a lot. Don鈥檛 forget to read Tidebuy reviews before selection of dresses. This will help you a lot in building of a confidence to buy online.

Tidebuy reviews 鈥 Motivated to Buy Plus Size Dress

I don鈥檛 like to say that I am fat or plus size, instead I always say that being plus size is a sign of prosperity. Before reading the Tidebuy reviews for plus size dressI was having a belief that it is quite difficult to find the fitted聽dress that can make me look stylish & fashionable. Like any other girl I also wish to look stylish & chic but I was hesitant because of my plus size. But when I read the Tidebuy reviews,聽I have started taken my size as a blessing rather than boon. I found a great variety of plus size dresses with bright & dazzling color combination that made me feel really delighted. Earlier, several large women found this to be quite difficult to get plus size dress which they can wear at any party or any event. After reading the聽Tidebuy reviews聽I found that it is no more difficult to find right dress of plus size. Such dresses are perfectly designed and provide the requisite fit that people look for. It is well said that woman has a different body; few may need the plus size on waist while others may also need the plus size in bust. So, there are several specialties available at tidebuy and I got an opportunity to choose the dress as per my preference.

Tidebuy reviews for plus size dress

Earlier, the plus sized women are mainly looked down by many people for the reason of their size. However,聽Tidebuy reviews have changed the mind-set completely, things have changed now and even the large women are given with the option to select best designer & stylish dress and to make the statement. When I bought the dress from tidebuy, it gave me the perfect Curves that look great and it also make me look better. I would really appreciate that聽Tidebuy reviews聽help me to find the right & perfect style. With several designers that are designing dresses for women like me, having the plus-size, things now have become better. By reading the聽Tidebuy reviews,聽I got clear understanding, that many plus size dresses that are available online are well designed for great comfort & style and they are also suitable for the women of different sizes. The main key to look for right dress is to ensure that you select the dress that has right pattern, design & colour that suits you the best. For instance horizontal stripes printed on the dresses will certainly make women to look larger, hence I always prefer to buy the dress which has does not have any stripes or it has vertical stripes. I got a wide & extensive collection of such dresses at tidebuy.

Tidebuy reviews- Choose the best from Tidebuy summer maxi collection

Tidebuy is one of the leading brands providing women dresses and accessories.聽 Summer is approaching and it is the best time for buyers to choose the best maxis for their beach parties. They can enjoy cocktail parties and official dinners by wearing stylish maxis from Tidebuy at especial discounted rates.

Tidebuy reviews for maxi dresses

Floral Print Deep V-Neck Maxi Dress is one of the innovative maxi idea produced by the company. This colorful maxi with black deep neck top has become the first stylish-cum-sexy ladies. The stuff of the maxi is very soft and it is a perfect one for summer parties. To get to know more about this special maxi, one can read Tidebuy reviews, where one can read about other鈥檚 experience about this especial party dress.

Bohemian Chiffon Pleated Maxi Dress is not at hot discount of 75% off. This is the high time to buy this wonderful maxi. Chiffon has been in trend since many years and without any doubt it is the most suited stuff to wear during summer. The softness of the stuff gives an enchanting feel to the wearer. This smart green maxi is best to wear and Tidebuy reviews can the whole story.

Blue is in fashion this summer and Tidebuy blue collection is very appealing. Halter Pattern Peacock Print Maxi Dress is very stylish and fit for smart laies. This maxi is perfect for beach parties, as it can give a best combination to the sea. If you read Tidebuy reviews of Tidebuy maxi dresses of buyers about this maxi you will feel impatient to buy this beautiful piece.

Tidebuy reviews of tidebuy maxi dresses

For those who are sexy and are searching for best maxi dresses this summer, they may watch Black Lace Deep V Neck Backless Maxi Dress and the maxi dresses聽Tidebuy reviews. Tidebuy brings innovation in lace maxis. This black lace maxi is the best for summer. One can wear it at date or especial dinner with a man in love.聽 Tidebuy review about this black maxi dress can give you more idea about it.

Tidebuy is the best online platform to buy best summer dresses at discounts. The store not only offers variety but it also offer special discounts upto 75% or 80%. No other store can give such a complete package. You don鈥檛 have any need to go to the designer, all is at The store has everything for everyone. Just visit the official website and read the Tidebuy reviews for its product before you buy.