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I did have a few minor incidents with my order-Tidebuy Reviews

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I love shopping on Tidebuy. I did have a few minor incidents with my order and contacted customer service. I was given a very satisfactory answer in a very short amount of time. It was a pleasure to work with them and I will continue to be their customer. I ordered two items from tidebuy. Upon receiving the items they were too small. I contacted the wonderful support at tidebuy who worked with me and refunded money to me. All was done in a more than efficient and timely manner. I would advise anyone to shop with tidebuy.

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Shipping times are reasonable.-Tidebuy Reviews

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Beautiful Dress

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Found the tidebuy site through a google advertisement. Glad I did. I love the clothing and everything is so affordable. I bought a shirt for my sister and she just loved it. Have to order a little bit of a bigger size cause they seem to be made smaller but that’s not a problem.

I highly recommend tidebuy.com to anyone who loves a good bargain and free shipping! It’s been my personal experience in dealing with tidebuy that this company offers quality merchandise and very good customer service to their customers. Shipping times are reasonable and they allow customers to use PayPal to protect their purchasing experience. Two tips to make shopping with tidebuy an easy experience: pay for your purchase directly from your checking account through PayPal to avoid delays and transaction fees, and order clothes one or two sizes larger than indicated because clothing sizes run smaller on their site than those in the U.S. If your purchase is too small, I believe tidebuy has a good return policy, but at these low prices, it’s easier to give it to someone you know and order another in a larger size. Check out their watches; they are very reasonably priced and good quality!

My experience with this company was great!-Tidebuy Reviews

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This is the third time I order a dress at tidebuy. First time was my wedding dress that is no longer in the site otherwise I would update a picture, it was an amazing dress perfect in each way, and I still have it. The second was a evening dress for my cousin’s wedding, which I had already uploaded a picture. This dress is also for a wedding, and I can not wait to try it on when it arrives. Thanks tide buys for the great service!!

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Beautiful Summer Hat-Tidebuy Reviews

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I bought for my girlfriend, she love the warm hat, thank you.

I bought the red one , like the concise but vogue design, I wear it to everywhere Fancy Korean Knit Pleated Woolen Yarn Hat suits almost with all the clothes I have. This Fancy Korean Knit Pleated Woolen Yarn Hat is the best hat of my collection too.

I splendid Fancy Korean Knit Pleated Woolen Yarn Hat made me earn nice compliments from the people wherever I go wearing this yarn Hat. Fancy Korean Knit Pleated Woolen Yarn Hat has an admiring look.

A Wonderful Shopping Experience-Tidebuy Reviews

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“Hey, I bought a beautiful and quirky dress on the 3rd of July for my girlfriend. It was for a $139.00 and it was delivered to me within a week’s time, which was really amazing! Superbly designed, high material quality as well as sparkling colour accents and my girl was really amazed with it. The dress fits her perfectly and she was reallyimpressed with how it all turned out in the end. All eyes were on her as we walked towards our dinner-date reservations, ravish and mesmerizingly graceful. Honestly, I was a little unsure of ordering from this place in the beginning, as I had only heard about this from a friend. However, the dress is one of the best gifts ever, and shes totally in love with it. Thanks Tidebuy.com for making this special occasion, an extraordinary and unique moment for the both of us.”