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Is Tidebuy a scam or not?-tidebuy reviews

How about the reputation of Tidebuy? Is it reliable, legit or not? Ok, just take 3 minutes to know the truth from the following tidebuy reviews.

My place to shop

I love tidebuy at first i was scared to order from them ,thinking it would take months for things to come or it would be a scam but it wasn’t. I also trust them because they wanted me verify my identity to make sure it wasn’t fraud and the shipping was on time.

love them.

I have ordered from this site several times. I have only ever had one issue which they handled professionally and quickly. Their clothes are a great price and quality.

Tidebuy is Awesome

“Tidebuy is the real deal! They are not a scam or fake business over in China that will send you horribly made clothes or just take your money.Their clothes & bathing suits are of really good quality and look exactly how they are pictured in the photos. Some of the items may need to be sized up a size or 2, but some of the items actually fit true to size. Overall tidebuy is a great store to buy from with inexpensive items, excellent quality items , and wonderful customer service to buy from. Another thing I love about them is that they send you discount coupons and you earn points on everything you purchase. Once you earn 50 points you can start using them for discounts on future orders. Love love love tidebuy. Their my new favorite store and secret weapon for all my cute clothing. Oh and shipping is super fast!!”

Wow, feel a little relaxed, right? As you know from the above, Tidebuy has very high reputation among customers. It will be better and better. If you want to know more on Tidebuy, you can continue to read more tidebuy reviews.

I saw it advertised on facebook-Tidebuy Reviews

Hello, Every Friend, do you know Tidebuy.com? Some people said that Tidebuy is totally a scam? Do you also think so? No matter what, we can know the details from some customers’ tidebuy reviews. Read them the following:

Flash t-shirt

wow wow wow how amazing is this t-shirt. i saw it advertised on facebook and thought it cant be real at that price so ordered one and a spiderman t-shirt and yes it was real came within 3 weeks,and they look awesome. i have placed my next order and by the looks of things will be ordering for my 15 year old daughter all her Christmas present from them. awesome e-store thanks Tidebuy.

Good Product and Customer Service

After 3 orders, I would say the product is good. It is cheaper than other sites, but the product is still nice quality. The fit is a little small, so make sure you read the reviews and order the correct size. Customer service is good if you do have a problem. Pay for the extra shipping…it is worth it. Waited almost 60 days for one order to arrive…..with cheap shipping. So definitely pay the extra!

NOW, How do you think about Tidebuy? Do you also think it’s a scam like other people? If the above can still not prove something, you can find more strongly proof from Tidebuy Customer Reviews.