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My order came on time-Tidebuy Reviews

Hi, do you love your dress bought online? I know some of you may be so satisfied with your dress but some of you maybe not. The most important thing is choosing a good shop, like tidebuy. First, let’s know some details from the following tidebuy reviews.


Pleased with my order

My order came on time. I was happy with the way it was shippeasd and packed. The quality of the material is not of poor quality. I was happy about that after reading some of the negative reviews. Still have another order waiting to be shipped out to me. I hope to be please with it as well.


I ordered a dress from Tidebuy last week and I had to expedite the shipping since I needed it in less than 6 days. My dress fit me perfectly and I was so happy with it! The material was incredible and the style was exactly the same as the picture on the website. I’m very impressed with the dress and happy that it made it to my place on time!

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I ordered two dresses from Tidebuy-Tidebuy Reviews

Hello, everyone! Tidebuy reviews will share some tidebuy customer reviews for you reading, from which you can know so much on Tidebuy, such as items quality, shipping methods, return policy and so on. Hope they can be very helpful for you.

Now, let’s read the following tidebuy reviews:

So Far So Good

I just ordered with Tidebuy for the first time. I didn’t know that the items shipped from China but it didn’t matter. The dress came quickly and is as nice as I had hoped it would be. The quality is good and the cut is flattering.
I will definitely order from them again.



No problems with returns or refunds

I ordered two dresses from Tidebuy. They arrived in a timely fashion, but, unfortunately, they did not fit me. I emailed the company for instructions on how to return the dresses and get a refund. They sent me the information. I did exactly what they said to do and I my refund was credited to my Paypal account in less than 24 hours of my returning the items. You can’t get any better than that! Oh, and the dresses were lovely, but just didn’t fit.

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Awesome, great. Love it-Tidebuy Reviews

Today, tidebuy reviews will bring you some real customer reviewson tidebuy’s products, customer service, shipping time and so on. Hope these can be helpful for you shopping there.

Gorgeous and comfortable

I’m a step ahead on my younger peers when it comes to fashion footwear. Shoes are comfortable and very versatile. Can’t wait to see what the next few months bring!

Love Shoe Dazzle

I’ve been extremely happy with Tidebuy! I’ve ordered from them multiple times and been very happy overall with the products. I would definitely recommend them to anyone!! For the prices, the boots I have purchased, have been better than I had expected. They were well made and have stayed looking good after several months of wear!! I plan on ordering again in the near future!!! I would highly recommend them to anyone!!!

Tidebuy and me

I love every item I have ever received from tidebuy. Their sales are phenomenal and the daily fixes are exciting to look forward to. I wil never buy footwear in a store again.

couldn’t be happier

Love my shoe it’s so sexy and elegant, very happy with my purchase.

Now, after reading all these tidebuy reviews, how do you think about it? Do you think it’s very reliable? Just feel free to tell us, thank you.

The shoes can in time for Valentine’s day-Tidebuy Reviews

Today, tidebuy reviews will bring you some real customer reviewson tidebuy’s products, customer service, shipping time and so on. Hope these can be helpful for you shopping there.
Best decision yet..

I just love the fact that I am the only one with the shoes that I have purchased from you guys…money well spent..

I love you guys!

Everything I have ordered has come quickly and packaged very well. The shoes were more beautiful in person!

One more great pair!

I have not yet been disappointed with anything from Tidebuy! To date and I’ve gotten shoes, clothes, and purses and everything is awesome!

Loving my new shoes

The shoes can in time for Valentine’s day and they are comfortable and they also fit perfectly.Good selection and good prices but needs some more versitile styles.

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Deep V-Neck Lace Split-Front Long Evening Dress-Tidebuy Reviews

Today, tidebuy reviews would love to show a v-neck lace long evening dress with you all. Hope this is your style. Besides, you can read some useful information on Tidebuy. Just enjoy.


How do you think about this long evening dress?

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I would like to share with you how satisfied I am-Tidebuy Reviews

Hi, have you bought your dress from tidebuy? It’s said that tidebuy is famous for its wedding dress, prom dress, evening dress and so on. What’s quality of their products? Maybe we can find the answer from these tidebuy customer reviews!

I love Tidebuy

I would like to share with you how satisfied I am with Tidebuy, first af all I wich to highlight the great service i have received, they will always reply to you very quickly and the products are just cool, I love all the option s there is something for averyone. you wont regret shopping at Tidebuy.

Awesome Shopping

I’ve done my research before ordering from this company, and Tidebuy is the real deal. The customer service was fast and friendly on answering any questions. I paid for expedited shipping and it was pretty fast. The clothing was exactly as shown and the sizing is clearly stated with their size chart. I was very pleased with dealing with this company and will shop there again.


I absolutely love Tidebuy.com. They have the cutest clothes at great prices. The clothes are true to size and look just like the pictures. I also love the S point system it gives you extra savings on the merchandise. I recommend this site to all my friends.

My favourite online shopping website

Tidebuy is amazing. It has so many awesome clothes! I can always find something that matches my style. And the prices are amazingly adequate and great. I’ve purchased stuff from this website before and I have no complaints-the shipping was on time,the items were just as described on the site. I would definately recommend this site for everyone!

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My first order was scarves-Tidebuy Reviews

Today, tidebuy reviews will show some information on Tidebuy of its quality of items, return policy, shipping methods and days and so on. These information may be very helpful for you.


I usually am not so adamant about recommending online stores, but for Tidebuy.com I am!

They have so many cute selections and are constantly getting in new things. It’s apparent that they strive for customer satisfaction. They offer discounts, a point system so you can reduce your costs even more, warnings about sizes (to make sure you’re buying the right size), and I even had a wonderful experience with their customer service (SO polite and willing to extend their help to me).

A lot of their products come from China, but don’t let that discourage you from shopping there! The shipping time is surprisingly well for the products that are overseas, and the quality is pretty good, too!

What I thought was pretty cool was the idea that you can post reviews with photos of yourself using their products! It’s created such a nice community and really helps you to make the decision on whether or not you’d like to buy that product or not. Seeing REAL girls in the products & watching them rock their style definitely helps me decide if it’s something I would consider buying. 🙂

Love it!

Tidebuy is one of my favorite website to shop! Low prices and good quality… need I say more? Of course the shipping takes a longer time, but it’s worth it! Last time ordered some accessories, they all looked like the pictures and I got lots of compliments. I would definitely order again at Tidebuy!

Wonderful Service and Products

My first order was scarves and when I received my order I was happy with the size of the scarves the colors very good and it was worth every penny I spent.

I would recommend this everyone

Tidebuy is a great site! Fast service and exceptional customer service. Loved everything i ordered and everything fit me well. Came the same as the pictures and the quality was very high and amazing. I will definitley be ordering from this website again!! Thank you.

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I truly love this website.-Tidebuy Reviews

Hi, where do you buy clothes online? Do you know Tidebuy? Many people do shopping there and they think it’s so reliable. Interested in more details? Just read some tidebuy reviews here.

These tidebuy reviews are all from our customers who have shopping experience on Tidebuy, hope it will be helpful.

Great website

Tidebuy is really a great website. I have never seen so much choice for such an affordable price. I’ve purchased many various items from the website and not one has disappointed me. The quality is good especially for the price. I’ve had a parcel not arrive once. I emailed the customer service and they got back to me in 24 hours and re-shipped the item which I received.


I recently bought a beautiful skirt, order for the Bohemian DrawSTring Maxi Dress. It was a perfect fit, came in the mail quickly, and the colors are vibrant… I expect this is going to be my new go-to website for breezy summer dresses!

I am so happy to have found tidebuy.com!

The clothes are super affordable, and the customer service has always been prompt and friendly. Knowing that they are located overseas, I am not bothered by the shipping time. Being patient is well worth the treat that arrives in the mail! I will continue to be a customer.

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Items were just as described and come quicker then I expected!-Tidebuy Reviews

Just as many of you consider that choosing a reliable online shop for clothes buying is not an easy thing.  That’s true! Because there are thousands of hundreds online shops. Which one is more reliable? Maybe what you will read the following-tidebuy reviews will be helpful.

Just take 3 mins to enjoy these tidebuy customer reviews, you can know it clearly.

Best online store

The products I’ve ordered came in only few days, and I love everything I got. They are as describe and the quality is very good. I especially love the Ethnic line of clothes.

I LOVE this site

I am shamelessly addicted to this site. Cute, on trend asian fashion, good quality- all for SUPER cheap! I bought a TOOOOOOOOOOON of stuff the first time i made an order, and everything beautifully met or exceeded my expectations. This stuff would go for double the price on F21. The value is just incredible. I’ve had experiences with asian online clothing stores where they use a photo- and give you something that looks *nothing* like it- NOT Tidebuy. Most items are spot on. I am super happy shopping here- it’s really perfect for petite frames, but also has a full range of sizes for everyone. I highly recommend Tidebuy if you want trendy fashion for cheap! Great customer service and rewards/points system too! Love love love this place.

there amazing

I love tidebuy ! ” there clothes are just so cute ! … one of my favorite online shopping stores !

great experience

So far my experience with tidebuy has been great. I always pay through paypal and when needed their customer service has been great and prompt. Their clothes is so cute and inexpensive though delivery times can be a bit long their items come from China and longer shipping times should be expected.

After reading the above all tidebuy reviews, what’s your opinions on Tidebuy? Do you believe it and want to buy something from them?

I have been ordering from Tidebuy for quite some time.-Tidebuy Reviews

I know that many people don’t know where to buy some clothes because there are so many online store. Which one is more reliable? Today, tidebuy reviews will introduce Tidebuy to all of you.

From these tidebuy customer reviews you will read next, you can know clearly on Tidebuy. Enjoy!

Love Tidebuy!

I have been ordering from Tidebuy for quite some time. They have a huge selection and very affordable prices. Shipping may take a bit longer for overseas orders but they have a very supportive customer care that helps you through the process. I love them and do recommend them to my friends and family.

Simply Great!!!

This website is great. the shipping time surprised me. I want to shop here regularly I will definitely be buying from Tidebuy for a long time, The prices can’t be beat, I have been able to get great outfits for every occasion. Good Material, nice fit, clothes in fashion…. AAA+

Good quality, affordable, fast shipping

I ordered a bag (Stylish Women’s Crossbody Bag With Stars and Canvas Design) from Tidebuy and I was very pleased with it. The product matched the photo on the site in size, shape and color, and the material was pretty good quality and seems very durable.
It shipped quickly, it only took two weeks to get to me in the US. I was even contacted by Tidebuy to make sure my package arrived on time. I was happy with the packaging too. It came in a simple envelope and the bag itself was packed with tissue so it didn’t get flattened or lose its shape.
The one item including shipping was less than 10 dollars, totally worth it!

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