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TidebuyReviews–ISPORT E-INK Curved Screen Bluetooth Smart Watch Support Waterproof for Samsung / Sony / Huawei / IPhone

ISPORT E-INK Curved Screen Bluetooth Smart Watch Support Waterproof for Samsung / Sony / Huawei / IPhone

As you could see that this is a electronic watches of surface screen, support Andrews IOS dual system, touch screen operation, health monitoring, intelligent reminders, step, calories, sports tracking, sleep analysis.

Now, you have a chance to read some tidebuy electronics reviews:

I absolutely LOVE the decision I made to purchase this product. I don’t think I could have been more satisfied for the price I paid. It has an automatic sleep tracker.. so it keeps you aware of how much energy you exert versus how much sleep you get. I like that feature a lot.. it’s one of my favorite things about this tracker. The one thing that I was specifically looking for was a heart rate monitor. I have had some medical issues where my heart rate has dropped and I like that it’s so convenient to check it at all times, at first, though, I didn’t feel like I was getting accurate readings, because my heart rate was pretty low, so I turned the bracelet around where the sensor is on the inside of my wrist and it seems to have a lot more of an accurate read now.. that’s something to keep in mind if you get this product. It works better if you wear it on the inside of your wrist. The only complaint that I think that I really have about it is that it keeps switching back and forth between the metric system and imperial system. And sometimes it will switch to military time without my doing. And I haven’t gone on to the app to change any of the settings. the trackers seems to like forget the settings and goes back to factory settings every once in a while. Which is just inconvenient to have to go back and change it all over again, but for the price and the overall features and satisfaction, it’s not even a big deal at all. I would highly recommend, as long as you understand that it’s not a name brand smart watch, I think anybody could appreciate this tracker. It’s a great deal.

Fantastic! It has lots of various sports that it can track and seems to track my sleep very accurately. The app guesses correctly how i feel when I wake up and gives an analysis. this watch also does relatively well tracking heartrate, if it gives you a false reading it usually just needs to be closer to your skin on the underside or worn tighter, OVERALL GREAT PRODUCT! The battery really does last a week! 8 days and counting! I’ve had it a few weeks and hope it holds up.

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fashion website for tidebuy reviews

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