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My experience with Tidebuy overall has been excellent-Tidebuy Reviews

How about tidebuy? Has anyone bought clothes from them? How many languages it supported. Tidebuy reviews will answer this: We provide multiple languages ​​such as English, Japanese, French, Spanish, Arabic, etc. Meanwhile, we ship to over 200 countries worldwide!

Want to know something else on Tidebuy? Read the below tidebuy reviews for further information!

Excellent service and products!

I have never had an issue with a products quality. It is all made well and low priced. In addition, Tidebuy will do the best they can to tend to people’s needs. They have always replied quickly and will fix any problems occurring. They also deliver quickly. Overall, just a very fantastic shopping experience.

Honestly better than I thought for the price

I ordered a number of things from this website and didn’t expect to receive my order before the r estimated date, well worth the money for the quality and customer service, I’ll definitely be buying from here again.

Great customer service, Great prices, Reliable Company

I have seen a lot of reviews on Tidebuy some great some not so great. But reviews are just that reviews. Everyone has their own opinion, so the best thing that you can do is try it for yourself. Well this is what I did with Tidebuy. I was pleased with the selection they have to offer as well as their excellent customer service. They always got back with me within 12 hours or less. That’s great considering where they are at.
There is a lot of complaints about the clothing not fitting. I don’t understand, they go far and beyond the call to offer you methods in which to size your clothes, Easy to follow if you are able to measure and read! If that doesn’t work then email them they will respond! So summing it up….read the reviews, but in the end you will not know unless you try them yourselves. The prices are cheap, the shipping options great and the customer service is definitely 5 stars across the board all day long! if you do decide to go and visit check out one of my orders..

Wow, Tidebuy is really so nice, right? You can read some more tidebuy reviews for its quality and service.

I will recommend this site to my friends-Tidebuy Reviews

Hello, do you want to buy beautiful dresses from tidebuy? What’s Tidebuy’s payment methods? Tidebuy reviews will tell all these to you.

Read the following tidebuy reviews for more:
Tidebuy.com accepts the following
•Credit Card
Under this agreement, if you are using a credit or debit card issued in HK then your purchase will be processed by Tidebuy International Limited and you will be contracting with that entity. If you are using a credit or debit card issued outside of Hong Kong then the purchase will be processed by Dresswe International Co Ltd and you will be contracting with that entity. For all other types of payment, the customer will be contracting with Tidebuy International Limited.

excellent and professionalism

I made an order with tidebuy and chose the flat rate shipping and within one week i had received my order, this was my first time to make an order and i was surely not expecting the kind of service i received, customer service always answered my queries very fast and also did follow up and i can say they are the best online store ever.

Cute. Quick. Happiness.

I bough a swimsuit recently and I wasn’t expect to be so pleased with it, my experience with tidebuy is really good, they shipped fast my order (I live in Mexico and within 15 days my order arrive) and my product has really good quality. I love their website because it has really good references and reviews of their products that are helpful when buying. And their costumer care center is really nice too!

Home away from home~

I love this site! This is the perfect site for me, and they always have just what I seem to be looking for. I’ve lived overseas, and grew quite used to buying clothes that fit my petite figure at a cheap price. I’m always so disappointed by American stores…they’re overpriced and never have my sizes. The processing time for deliveries are fast in comparison to other sites. The delivery time does take some time, but that’s expected with things coming from overseas. However, i’ve never had a problem with receiving any of my orders, and have ordered several times for different items. Highly recommend to those petite figures that have a hard time finding clothes and shoes in their sizes!

Now, you know clearly of the payment methods of tidebuy. If you still want to know its products and customer service, keep reading more tidebuy reviews here.

I truly love this website.-Tidebuy Reviews

Hi, where do you buy clothes online? Do you know Tidebuy? Many people do shopping there and they think it’s so reliable. Interested in more details? Just read some tidebuy reviews here.

These tidebuy reviews are all from our customers who have shopping experience on Tidebuy, hope it will be helpful.

Great website

Tidebuy is really a great website. I have never seen so much choice for such an affordable price. I’ve purchased many various items from the website and not one has disappointed me. The quality is good especially for the price. I’ve had a parcel not arrive once. I emailed the customer service and they got back to me in 24 hours and re-shipped the item which I received.


I recently bought a beautiful skirt, order for the Bohemian DrawSTring Maxi Dress. It was a perfect fit, came in the mail quickly, and the colors are vibrant… I expect this is going to be my new go-to website for breezy summer dresses!

I am so happy to have found tidebuy.com!

The clothes are super affordable, and the customer service has always been prompt and friendly. Knowing that they are located overseas, I am not bothered by the shipping time. Being patient is well worth the treat that arrives in the mail! I will continue to be a customer.

How do you think about Tidebuy after reading all the tidebuy reviews? Do you want to buy your dress there?

The price was great and the boots is comfortable-Tidebuy Reviews

There are so many customers bought clothes from Tidebuy, and most of them felt so satisfied with both of the items and tidebuy customer service.

How about it? Just read some tidebuy reviews to know details.

Great Quality for Amazing Prices

I bought two items in this order (Color Block A-Line Stylish Scoop Neck Long Sleeve Women’s Dress and Stylish Halter Solid Color High-Waisted Two-Piece Bandage Swimsuit For Women). Both are comfortable, well made, and I have gotten many compliments on both. I was a little nervous about the quality for such low prices, but was very pleased when I got both to find out how nicely made they are. Make sure to check your shipping times if you’re having the order shipped internationally, and be patient. It’s well worth the wait. People are always asking me for this site’s information, because they have seen me wear so many cute items from them.


I got to know about Tidebuy while browsing the internet. When I saw the nice designs of their products and the prices at which they are sold I was amazed so I decided to give them a try. I bought 12 watches fro my first order and I received exactly what I paid for and within the delivery period that was stated. I gave some of the watches I bought to relatives and friends and they really liked it. Now they have also come to like Tidebuy and have I’m sure they will be placing their own orders soon. I’m glad I found Tidebuy because I can trust them.

Lots of Choices-Excellent Prices

Great Deals. Tidebuy.com has been a great shopping experience for me. When you find low prices, excellent products and easy to navigate website that’s the place to shop. Anytime time of the day or night you can shop. This is probably one of the best discount online stores. Their customer service is amazing, email a question and you will get an immediate response and assistance what more can you ask for. The discounts are amazing, find anything you can dream up they have. Try a new style for yourself without breaking your bank. “I would recommend it to anyone.”

Will you recommend Tidebuy to your friends after reading all of these wonderful tidebuy reviews? I bet it will never regret you.

I recommend to buy the item-Tidebuy Reviews

Today, tidebuy reviews will introduce Tidebuy for all of you. Tidebuy is a super market for all kinds of dresses, such as wedding dresses, special occasion dresses and do on. It’s reliable and legit and many people think it’s one of the best online clothing shop.

You can read the following tidebuy customer reviews to know the details.

happy with the product and their services

“Got the item at last, first order item was not arrived but then informed them about it and they resend the item and got it with 3 weeks time. Am happy with the product and their services. Hope to deal more from here. ”

First time ordering..

“First time ordering…was very nervous about ordering from site. But pleased with dress! It actually is a skirt and top. it arrived around 16 days after purchased, so not bad – within time stated on their policy. The two piece dress is very pretty, quality to be expected for sale price and fabric type! I am a size 4 in us sizes so I ordered a “L”. I will definitely order again from Tidebuy.”

Got this yesterday. Wore it today

“I am very happy with the overall product quality of Tidebuy products. Till date I have ordered 14 paintings and barring a few glitches I am very happy with the quality and finish. Moreover, the customer care service is very prompt.”

Have you finished reading all of these tidebuy reviews? Now, I think you may know some information on Tidebuy. How do you think about it?

I’m grateful for efficient service.-Tidebuy Reviews

Ladies, pay attention please! Do you know an online shop called Tidebuy? Have you bought some dresses from it? Recently, there are some customers who shopped at Tidebuy wrote some tidebuy dress reviews, which may tell us something about it.

How about the reputation of Tidebuy? Is it reliable, legit or not? Ok, just take 3 minutes to know the truth from the following tidebuy reviews.

efficient service!!!

“Hi, I’m grateful for the prompt and efficient service offered by Tidebuy staff. I was very worried about my Make-To-Order items because we changed our wedding date. I then contacted the Customer Service to express the change to my order. Their prompt and satisfying response made me feel relieved. I can’t wait to receive my items. Thanks so much to the customer service and long life to this shop.”

acurrate shipping items

“I am very pleased with my order from CYAY. The clothes are beautiful, true to the photos they advertise and, ordering a larger size than I would from the Montenegro, very satisfied with the fit – and have gotten compliments on every piece have worn. Very fast shipping and will be ordering again soon.”

affordable options for cosplay

“Tidebuy offers so many affordable options for cosplay and fancy dress parties! The Quality always amazes me and their service is really amazing! Cannot tell people enough about this site!”

About Tidebuy customer service, you can know more on our website page! Thanks~

Love them, will order the next time.-tidebuy reviews

As you all know, the online shopping is more and more popular among people. So there are hundreds of thousands website for shopping. Well, in terms of this, which one is more reliable?

Today, tidebuy reviews will introduce Tidebuy for all of you. Tidebuy is a super market for all kinds of dresses, such as wedding dresses, special occasion dresses and do on. It’s reliable and legit and many people think it’s one of the best online clothing shop.

You can read the following tidebuy customer reviews to know the details.

Great experience!!! 😉

“This was my first bought in a on line store. I thought it could be dangerous or maybe i’ll get my stuffs broken or something like that; but i got surprised!!! My order reached my country time before than i thought! It took around 25 days, more a less; and it was great! 😀 The customer service was great! I asked them about my order all the time and they gently replied me as well 🙂 I love the shoes i ordered, and i’ll buy more stuffs!!! They have the best products and the cheapest prices 🙂 I highly recommend the page and the products! ;)”

Love them!

I love Tidebuy! They hate great,cute clothes for a reasonable price! Will definitely buy from them again!


I am OBSESSED with their app!! You just can’t beat those prices!! – My order shipped surprisingly fast! I had absolutely no problems. (I made sure to order a size or two up because I think they do run a bit smaller than US sizes.) the jewelry especially is just awesome! I will definitely be ordering from them again!

Now, you know something on Tidebuy, how do you think about it now? Do you also want to buy some dresses here? If so, you can know more information on tidebuy shipping reviews here.