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Pretty Pearl Rhinestone Butterfly Women’s Earrings-Tidebuy Reviews

Wow! There’re so many beautiful jewelries on Tidebuy, such as earrings, rings, bracelets, necklace and so on. Do you want to find the one just belong to you? Just come to tidebuy reviews and we’ll share more here.


This is one of them from Tidebuy, how do you think about it? If you want to find more, just come to Tidebuy. Here, let’s read some tidebuy reviews.

So cute!! exactly like in the picture!  Cheap but good, thank you tidebuy.com Nice pearl earring, love,love love,hahaha. Very like the lovely butterfly! So small but very very delicate, happy.

The dress is well made with quality fabric-Tidebuy Reviews

Hi, today, let’s read some tidebuy customer reviews together and from which you may know so much on Tidebuy.

Stylish and original, well crafted clothes

Tidebuy outfits are truely designer clothes. I ordered two dresses because their originality caught my eye. Both came reasonably fast and are absolutey beatuful. They are well crafted from high quality fabrics and true to size if you take the trouble to look up specific measuerments (click on the size icon) before ordering. Yes, their s,m,l sizes do not correspond to our, American, sizing and the measurements differ from designer to designer but that is true of a lot of European clothing as well. In my opinion, their clothes rival Saks, Neiman Marcus or Net-a-Porter for a fraction of a price. My only wish is that they would have more clothes sized 12 to 14 American. Sunshine
I have ordered several more dresses from Tidebuy and one of them needed to be refunded. Absolutely no problem. Received refund within 5 days.
I am still amazed at how great their designs are, how well the clothes are made and how reasonably priced they are, especially during flash sales. They are giving me a reason to lose some weight so I can fit into more of their clothes :).
So happy to have found this website

I have ordered about six items so far. With one exception, they looked like the photos and fit well. I love the variety and uniqueness of the items. You have to go by the product details for sizing. The customer service has been excellent with next day responses and my refund was prompt. I will be shopping here again.

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