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Tidebuy Reviews—VONETS VAR11N-300 Mini Multi-Functional Wireless Portable Wifi Router/ Wifi Bridge/ Wifi Repeater 300Mbps 802.11n Protocol

Tidebuy Electronics Reviews

This is VONETS VAR11N-300 Mini Multi-Functional Wireless Portable Wifi Router/ Wifi Bridge/ Wifi Repeater.

Product description

1. The smallest WiFi router, its size is less than one-half of the Bank card,very useful for both business trip and household
2. Low power, the whole power supply less than 4W.
3. Dedicated power supply cable together with Ethernet cable two in one cable connector, reduce redundant connector, convenient for usage.

4. In WiFi intelligent bridge mode, it can intelligent control the device WiFi mode:
a. WiFi AP Client (it can be used for access from WiFi to wired Ethernet);
b. WiFi Hotspot (it is suitable for hotel room usage);
c. WiFi Repeater (it can extend the distance of WiFi signal coverage, ecology and safe);

5. In WiFi intelligent bridge mode, it supports WiFi hot spot scan automatically and WiFi hot spot memory function.
6. Support 802.11N WiFi transfer protocol, 300Mbps rate of transmission
7. Good compatibility, almost compatible with all of the smart phone, tablet computer, notebook and WiFi devices.


1 10/100M adaptive Ethernet female port;
dedicated two in one power supply cable, with a set of power supply and a set of 10/100M adaptive Ethernet cable ;
Ethernet cable and Ethernet LAN/WAN interchangeable
Button:Reset button (Long press 5 seconds)
Antenna:Built-in Intelligent Omnidirectional antenna

Transmission rate : 300Mbps
Transfer Protocol : 802.11B/G/N
No barrier transmission distance : 100 meters
VAR11N-300 main device size : 4.4*4.4*1.4 cm
VAR11N-300 cable long size : 30 cm
box size : 9.5*9.5*2.2cm
box weight: 65g

Package: VAR11N-300 + User’s Manual + packing box

I also use this to bridge my home WiFi and my cellphone Hotspot to my Openspot. It is working great; however, it took some thoughtful reading of the small print instructions to accomplish (and about 2 hours of playing with it. )
It is doing what I want it to do. For the price you can’t beat it. Can’t find one at Big Box stores tho. They have $80.00 and up bridges from net gear.


Tidebuy Reviews — Vonets VAP11G-300 RJ45 Mini Wifi Bridge Wifi for Computer Networking Camera Monitor PC

Tidebuy Electronics Reviews

This is Mini Wifi Bridge Wifi for Computer Networking Camera Monitor PC.

Product description

VAP11G-300 that in “repeater mode ” is able to receive weak WiFi signal, and then zoom in to the normal, safe strength, and after optimization, error correction processing, to achieve signal coverage distance doubled extension under safe. This differs from traditional wireless signal amplifier – only amplifies the signal and ignore the wireless security.

1.WiFi intelligent bridge function, Wireless switch wired, wired switch wireless, intelligent switch;
2.WiFi intelligent repeater mode, it supports WiFi hot spots scan automatically and WiFi hot spot memory function;
3.Support turn off the wifi hotspot function;
4.Support WEB remote firmware upgrade, can get the latest firmware free;

Hardware Specifications:
Interface:1 DC2.0 power hole; 1 dedicated two in one power supply cable, with a set of power supply and a set of 10/100M adaptive Ethernet cable;
Button:Reset button (long press 5 seconds)
Antenna: Built-in 2pcs Smart omnidirectional 2dbm Antennas
Basic Function: WiFi Hot spot scan automatically; WiFi Hot spot memory; wiFi Hot spot switches.
input voltage: DC5V-15V total input power: 鈮5W

1*English user manual
1*Retail box

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This product is awesome. Real review and did not receive this item for free or a reduced cost. Finally a product priced fairly and actually did exactly what it is supposed to. I needed this as an Ethernet bridge for a pc with bad wireless hardware. I didn’t really need a wifi extender or additional hotspot, but was willing to live with it and just assumed I’d have to manage the interference if needed. However, turns out this device allows you to easily turn off the hotspot feature which was perfect for me as I didn’t want any additional RF spewing in the house. I plugged the Ethernet cable and USB power in to my pc, browsed to the Vonet internal browser link provided, selected my wifi router from the list of hotspots it saw, entered my router name and password, shut off the repeater function on the wireless tab and hit save. It rebooted and within 3 minutes I had an Ethernet connection through dhcp IP. I can move this device to any device in my house that needs a wireless connection but doesn’t have hardware. I.e., Xbox, home theater etc.Easy peasy and a nice small unit. Very happy.

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well is been an absolutely pleasure shopping with tidebuy and they makes me happy with what i get from them and i love every items that i bought from them as well… just so you know i got compliment where ever i go it doesn’t matter if it’s my workplace friends house at the shopping mall downtown compliment finds me and that’s why i keep ordering for more stuff from you guys because i can’t seems to get a enough of what i have, did i just say that out loud, yeah that’s right i did, and i really can’t get enough… oh yeah i almost forgot you guys haven’t seen the last of me yet shopping with tidebuy!

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鈥淔ound a lovely dress鈥-Tidebuy Reviews

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I think i am the lucky one who have found the perfect dress for my sisters wedding. It took 2 weeks for delivery, might be a bit long. Anyway, i will try again.

I know tidebuy聽from my friend who happened to have had a good experience with them. I ordered a swimwear and accessories for my holiday. It took 10 days to arrive which is acceptable. The product is well-designed. When i put on it, it looked amazing.

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We received the dress in good time and good shape. My wife loves the dress and will wear it for Christmas. I had no problems with this company. I live in Reading Pa and will purchase from them again. My original order was held up in customs, so they sent a second dress and I received it in 3 day from China. Good job Tidebuy.
TY for your service.

I recently purchased three dresses from Tidebuy. All of the dresses were as they appeared on the site and were beautiful. I did return but only because of how they fit on my body vs the size 0 shown in the pictures. I will cont to order from Tidebuy!

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Charming Strapless Sleeveless Lace Beaded Court Wedding Dress-Tidebuy Reviews

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I received the dress yesterday by DHL and, OMG!! I’m in love with it! Nice quality and it looks exactly as the picture. The size is perfect for me. A big thanks also to Tidebuy staff,they were very patiente and kind with me. It tooks only 4 days to arrive (Italy)! Ero un po’ scettica sull’acquistare il mio abito da sposa su internet ma penso di aver fatto la scelta giusta! Arrivato in 4 giorni, bello come nella foto e la taglia 猫 perfetta per me. Ho letto in giro per il web varie recensioni negative ma per ci貌 che mi riguarda sono molto soddisfatta anche del servizio clienti, sono stati molto pazienti con me e hanno risposto a tutte le mie domande. Non vedo l’ora di indossarlo!! Grazie Tidebuy.

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“My daughter got this and she loves it.she really really love it and it came just as was expected. Thanks tidebuy.聽This dress fit perfectly. It looks just as it does on line.聽I absolutely loved the dress and the material/fabric. Stunning fit and feel. Everyone loved my dress.聽Really was pleased with dress and time it took for me to get it.聽It is amazing. It fitted the way I wanted it to which was hug my curves.

Coloured Rhinestones Inlaid Crown Stud Earrings-Tidebuy Reviews

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These are very cute pair of earrings I would recommend him to anybody that likes crowns.聽They look great! One may even say that they look regal!聽Love them got a lot of compliments!!!!聽Can’t wait to wear this pair of earrings! Lovely!聽I love these earrings and they are so pretty as shown!! brightens up my whole face.聽My granddaughter loved them and they were a perfect match for her new outfit.

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