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I know tidebuy from my friend who had a good experience-Tidebuy Reviews

Hi, how do you think about this wedding dress shared by tidebuy reviews? Do you love it?


Many girls love this one and some of them ordered it the first sight? Now, maybe you’d love to read some tidebuy reviews from customers.

The Black Floral Printed Casual Midi Skirt is a casual wear, but I like to use it as a club wear. It has superb floral design combining black, green and some of the other colors. The skirt is almost like a mini skirt, and there is this mesh extension, which draws attraction to your sexy legs. The quality is just superb for the price. I certainly want to buy few more products from Tidebuy.

I bought an a-line maxi dress-Tidebuy Reviews

Hi, everyone, do you know Tidebuy? How do you think about it? Are you interested in reading some tidebuy reviews?


Please read these tidebuy reviews below:

I bought an a-line maxi dress it for my first date and my boyfriend like it. Being a pear shaped lady, I liked it the way how it flaunted my big waist. good service and prompt delivery.

I like the tops flowing down as I am slightly on the heavier side. The Crew Neck Linen Half Sleeve Casual Tunic of ELENYUN brand is loose starting from the top. It has the elegance mainly because it is in linen silk. In those special days, if you want to style up in whole classy and elegant way, this top comes handy. As it is lovely and sheer, I would wear a slip inside it to give it a more definition. I like it.

“Cute dress available”-Tidebuy Reviews

Where do you usually order dresses online? Have you ever come to Tidebuy? How about it is? Let’s read some tidebuy reviews to know it.


Wow, really so beautiful!

Let’s read the following tidebuy reviews:

I found the website on google when i am trying to buy a dress for the holiday. The pictures they put on the web are too good to be true so i made the order without too much hesitation. The delivery is a bit long but anyway the parcel arrived in a good condition and the coral mini dress fit me well. It would be better if they improve the delivery.

Gotten numerous compliments on the items.-Tidebuy Reviews

We’ll read the following tidebuy reviews and hope you can know what you want here.


For a company that does not seem to be based in North America, they seem to be rather fluent, courteous and prompt with their responses. 1 item I had a problem where my arms didn’t fit in the sleeves, when I completed the review saying as such it triggered dresslily to contact me because of this issue. This shocked and amazed me as most companies like this will not take it upon themselves to resolve these trivial and costly matters. Overall I am extremely pleased with the clothes I have received (even the damaged one it was a small hole in a lace shirt, very delicate!) and really love the loyalty program they offer and how it works it very beneficial to both the company and the customer. Offering the option of submitting product review and pictures of clothing being worn by customers for points, which can be redeemed for $$ off your order is a perk. Gotten numerous compliments on the items and will continue to make purchases with this site. Absolutely love it. Just read the literature and one should not have any misconceptions about sizes and shipping time-frame etc, otherwise contact support and they will usually work with you to promptly resolve the matter. Great communication from staff and shipping overall love tidebuy!!

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I did have a few minor incidents with my order-Tidebuy Reviews

We’ve shared so many tidebuy reviews for you reading, and what’s your opinion on Tidebuy? If you still need to read more, please continue on Tidebuy Reviews.


I love shopping on Tidebuy. I did have a few minor incidents with my order and contacted customer service. I was given a very satisfactory answer in a very short amount of time. It was a pleasure to work with them and I will continue to be their customer. I ordered two items from tidebuy. Upon receiving the items they were too small. I contacted the wonderful support at tidebuy who worked with me and refunded money to me. All was done in a more than efficient and timely manner. I would advise anyone to shop with tidebuy.

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Shipping times are reasonable.-Tidebuy Reviews

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Beautiful Dress

Let’s begin to read these tidebuy reviews:

Found the tidebuy site through a google advertisement. Glad I did. I love the clothing and everything is so affordable. I bought a shirt for my sister and she just loved it. Have to order a little bit of a bigger size cause they seem to be made smaller but that’s not a problem.

I highly recommend tidebuy.com to anyone who loves a good bargain and free shipping! It’s been my personal experience in dealing with tidebuy that this company offers quality merchandise and very good customer service to their customers. Shipping times are reasonable and they allow customers to use PayPal to protect their purchasing experience. Two tips to make shopping with tidebuy an easy experience: pay for your purchase directly from your checking account through PayPal to avoid delays and transaction fees, and order clothes one or two sizes larger than indicated because clothing sizes run smaller on their site than those in the U.S. If your purchase is too small, I believe tidebuy has a good return policy, but at these low prices, it’s easier to give it to someone you know and order another in a larger size. Check out their watches; they are very reasonably priced and good quality!

Elegant High Heel Pumps-Tidebuy Reviews

This high heels is shared by tidebuy reviews and so many girls ordered it the first sight! How do you think about that?


I think this color is so special and I’ve never seen this color before. And the I want to read some tidebuy reviews the following:

Love them! Exactly the same as the picture! Did however get a bit misshapen round the ankle from poor packaging but they are absolutely gorgeous!

Oh!! I just love these shoess that I have just received. Honestly, I was very skeptical about its fit and looks, but thanks to the details mentioned here. It helped me to choose the right one.

I bought these gorgeous slippers because I love the height of heels. They are very pretty and the heels are really strong and I could use them often for parties.

Beautiful Summer Hat-Tidebuy Reviews

Hi, girls, do you love the hat below? This is from tidebuy reviews and so many girls love this one. Let’s see the details from this picture.


How do you think about this one? Here, you can also read some tidebuy reviews from some customers.

I bought for my girlfriend, she love the warm hat, thank you.

I bought the red one , like the concise but vogue design, I wear it to everywhere Fancy Korean Knit Pleated Woolen Yarn Hat suits almost with all the clothes I have. This Fancy Korean Knit Pleated Woolen Yarn Hat is the best hat of my collection too.

I splendid Fancy Korean Knit Pleated Woolen Yarn Hat made me earn nice compliments from the people wherever I go wearing this yarn Hat. Fancy Korean Knit Pleated Woolen Yarn Hat has an admiring look.

Graceful Flower Printed Women’s Satchel-Tidebuy Reviews

Hi, do you love this handbag below? There’re so many girls want to order it. Tidebuy reviews will show some details for you.

11826890_4Let’s read some tidebuy reviews on this handbag:

“This purse is wonderful, i get tons of compliments and i want one in each color. I have been approached at the train station , at work and at church this bag draws a lot of attention where ever i carry it.”

“Gorgeous Purse. It has tiny sparkles to the beautifully blended color and of course its patent leather look just really sets it off. Perfect for any style or fashion… It does not come with a shoulder strap, but it has a pretty silk scarf, which is removable.. you can probable fit a small tablet in it, but definitely not a laptop… it also has smaller compartments inside.”

Backless Contrast Color Half Sleeve Bodycon Dress-Tidebuy Reviews

Who do you like this Backless Contrast Color Half Sleeve Bodycon Dress from Tidebuy? There’re so many beautiful stylish dresses on Tidebuy and this time tidebuy reviews just share one with you.


How do you think about this dress? Maybe it fits your sister, mother and so on. Now, you’re lucky to read some tidebuy reviews:

“My daughter got this and she loves it.she really really love it and it came just as was expected. Thanks tidebuy. This dress fit perfectly. It looks just as it does on line. I absolutely loved the dress and the material/fabric. Stunning fit and feel. Everyone loved my dress. Really was pleased with dress and time it took for me to get it. It is amazing. It fitted the way I wanted it to which was hug my curves.