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Love their Home sections for items-Tidebuy Reviews

Where to buy cheap and high quality women dresses among so many online stores? Tidebuy reviews will tell you the correct answer.

Read these tidebuy reviews, you can get clear answer for that.

such a cute site

Tidebuy has started adding bigger sizes which is great for me since im on the curvier side and i am not petite. I absolutly love their Home sections for items that usually cannot find in my country unless expensive.

loved it

i think everything was really nice beautiful colors, i just wished i got bigger sizes.

Nice store!

I have shopped at different but very similar website stores from China but this store is the best one for sure. Most of the items that i have purchased were of a pretty good material for the price. Shipping was a LOT faster than the other stores as well. On my previous order, i wanted to replace a jumpsuit with a twinset right after i have submitted the payment so i contacted Sammy Dress and not only did they contact me back quickly, but they were also very patient, professional, and helpful in replacing my item. I can definitely say that i recommend Tidebuy over other website stores based in China!

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Great customer service and great value for money-tidebuy reviews

Ladies, pay attention please! Do you know an online shop called Tidebuy? Have you bought some dresses from it? Recently, there are some customers who shopped at Tidebuy wrote some tidebuy dress reviews, which may tell us something about it.

I love Tidebuy

I have never had an issue with the website I’ve been ordering from them for a year now I love the site!

great customer service and great value for money

i have always been happy with the service from tidebuy if something has not been in stock they let me no straight away and ive had the option to wait for stock or choose something else. the dresses i have brought have been lovely and im very pleased with my purchases.

Tidebuy Products

“Tidebuy is one of the most attractive online websites I ever came across. Very nice products. I easily found what I need. I was scanning between what to choose as I had a lots of choices. I highly recommend Tidebuy for online shopping.”

Good Product at Good Price

This was my 1st time purchasing from this website and it was nice and easy and got my delivery very fast at no extra charge. Great Job.

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Cute Clothes for Nice Fabric on tidebuy-tidebuy reviews

Ladies, pay attention please! Do you know an online shop called Tidebuy? Have you bought some dresses from it? Recently, there are some customers who shopped at Tidebuy wrote some聽tidebuy dress reviews, which may tell us something about it.

How about the reputation of Tidebuy? Is it reliable, legit or not? Ok, just take 3 minutes to know the truth from the following聽tidebuy reviews.

Cute Clothes for Nice Fabric

I expected my items (2 shirts) to rip or ravel within a week. It has not though! I was surprised at how well the fabric were for my purchases. Tidebuy needs more credit; my clothes fit perfectly for my slim size :)) I am a happy customer.


This site has such great prices and quality as well. I am constantly buying from them and have always been more than happy. Prompt customer service as well, it has great聽tidebuy reviews. Recomend to all my friends!

Go Shopping

I have made several orders with Tidebuy, they do not come in order but that’s ok, it depends on where it’s coming from. Love what I have received so far. I made a mistake once and ordered something I already ordered, they cancelled my order and gave me my money back. Just make sure that you look at the size chart everything has a different size. Go shopping so much fun!

About聽Tidebuy customer service, you can know more on our website page! Thanks~

Truly an amazing site that I placed 7 orders.-tidebuy reviews

Hi, EVERY ONE! How do you think about the online dress shop-Tidebuy? Among so many websites online, I think maybe Tidebuy is very great. Because there are so many kinds of stylish wedding dress, evening dress, prom dress, jackets, high heels and so on.

Well, how about the reputation of Tidebuy? Is it reliable? OK, know clear details from the following tidebuy customer reviews.

Truly an amazing site that I placed 7 orders….AWESOME!!!!

Tidebuy is truly an amazing experience. I was kinda scared at first to order out of the United States but it is easy and totally safe. I have placed 6 orders so far and getting ready to place number7. LOVE this site and cant get enough of Tidebuy. I also earn discounts and earn S points to make my order even cheaper. The jewelry is awesome and cant find anything better for the price. Top quality and its all been beautiful.

Very good prices and quality

I love the clothes I got from Tidebuy!
the prices were very reasonable and they often have discounts and coupon codes you can use.
There are also points they give you for writing reviews which you can use to get an additional discount of up to 30% before shipping costs!
I never thought I could get so much good clothing for so little money.
I will definitely continue to shop at Tidebuy, it’s great.

My Favorite Place to Shop!

I am so excited about finding Tidebuy because they have so many options for such low prices! I have found so many cute/stylish items on this site that are good quality and affordable. Everything from the shopping to the shipping has been a great experience!


All I can say is I love everything! So far all the items I have bought and have given as gift is amazing! I have friends and family looking at this site! My favorite item so far that I’ve gotten for me is the light blue pants with a really pretty design on it, they a so comfortable and look super nice on me! And these days it’s pretty hard to find something that looks as nice as it feels! I pretty much love all the other items I bought too! This site and me are going to have a long future together!

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It’s really my place for shopping-tidebuy reviews

Ladies, pay attention please! Do you know an online shop called Tidebuy? Have you bought some dresses from it? Recently, there are some customers who shopped at Tidebuy wrote some tidebuy dress reviews, which may tell us something about it.

How about the reputation of Tidebuy? Is it reliable, legit or not? Ok, just take 3 minutes to know the truth from the following tidebuy reviews.

Best Online Shopping Place!

This is a real legit website! I cannot believe the price of the beautiful clothing! Every time I wear their clothing, I get compliments, then when I tell them the price that I paid, they can’t believe it! One of my clothing items came with a rip, and they resolved the issue faster than I’ve ever seen an online company do it. So, I could honestly say that they have the best prices, best variety of clothing, and best customer service that I’ve ever experienced with online shopping. I only wish I would have found them sooner!

I absolutely love them

I absolutely love them, I’ve made multiple orders and love what I get, so much so that I bought my bridesmaids dresses from them.

Love Them

Overall Tidebuy is a great store to buy from with inexpensive items, excellent quality items, great on-time delivery and wonderful customer service to buy from. I also love that they send you discount coupons and you can earn points on everything you purchase. Love Tidebuy.They get 2 thumbs up.

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Read Tidebuy Reviews and Shop for the Best Wedding Dresses

My wedding day was just around the corner, I was unable to buy some time as I was busy in the hustle and bustle of my special day. I was too worried as I had a lot of things to take into consideration. I had various things to shop and I had no time to visit the shopping malls and market for shopping cosmetic products and accessories such as jewelry, wedding sandals and heels, makeup essential and a lot more. Moreover, I was also worried about wedding dress as just like every bride, my dream was the same and that is to look stunning during the whole day, especially while walking down the aisle with my prince charming.

tidebuy reviews about wedding dresses

I consulted one of my friends and she suggested me to have a look at the website Tidebuy.com and Tidebuy reviews. Well, I am thanking my friend time and again as the shopping experience from the website was matchless. They had almost everything I needed to shop for my big day and on the other hand, price of every product was quite affordable. My main tension was to buy a wedding dress, but when I was rolling my eyes over to the website and the wedding dress section, all my worries got away as there was a great collection of finest wedding dresses. Sweetheart Lace Appliques Lace-Up, Lace V-Neck Button Zip-Up A-Line Court, Beaded Jewel Neck Button Zip-up, Beaded Sweetheart White Tulle Ball were just a few of those wedding dresses that I loved and wanted them to reach my doorsteps in no time. I read some Tidebuy reviews that made it easy for me to select the dresses and without a doubt, the quality and fabric of my wedding dress was outstanding. It enhanced my already chick look and I got great compliments from guests and my special someone.

weddig dresses for tidebuy review

wedding dresses for tidebuy reviews

Finally my worries got reduced; job was still not done though. Now I was looking for the finest jewelry collection so as to complete my outfit. I got everything from necklaces and bracelets to rings and earrings and everything I needed. Tidebuy reviews made it easy for me to buy the products and I was quite happy as I was prepared to capture the eyes of people on my wedding day.

Well if you are one of those women who are looking for the finest wedding dresses, special occasion dresses, jewelry collection and other accessories, then noting can be better than shopping from Tidebuy.com while reading the Tidebuy reviews. All the ordered products will reach you in least possible time and you will get ultimate shopping experience. So, don鈥檛 wait and start shopping now.